Shoukry : All international parties responsible for ending crisis in Syria


Cairo, SANA- Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has confirmed that all international parties were responsible to reach a solution to the crisis in Syria.

Shoukry said in a televised statement in Washington on Tuesday, ” We see that there is a collective international responsibility to reach solutions acceptable to all parties and be compatible with the interests of the Syrian people,” stressing the importance of continuing international consultations in this regard.

Shoukry, who is in a current visit to Washington, reiterated Egypt’s firm stance towards finding a solution to the crisis in Syria and rejection of the foreign interference in its internal affairs.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that proposing a draft resolution on Aleppo for vote at the UN Security Council was too early, asserting that it was proposed under the request of other countries.

Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution on Aleppo on Monday proposed by Spain, Egypt and New Zealand, while Venezuela voted against and Angola abstained.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Cairo spared no efforts during the last weeks to bring closer the stances of the UN Security Council’s member states towards the aforementioned draft resolution, but a number of other countries insisted on proposing it for vote before receiving consent of all the Council’s members.

Egypt stance towards what is happening in Syria, particularly in Aleppo, is still firm as Egypt’s top priority is the necessity of alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people, the statement added.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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