Exhibition for works by artist Lama Saada in Safita Cultural Center

Tartous, SANA – An exhibition showcasing the works of artist Lama Saada opened on Wednesday in the Cultural Center of Safita city.

The exhibition, titled “Angles,” features 150 paintings executed using oil painting, pencils, ink, and pastels.

Saada, a graduate of Aleppo’s Faculty of Fine Arts, told SANA’s correspondent that most of her works are inspired by the current crisis and how people’s emotions swing between despair and hope, expressions the suffering of women, loss, absence, and wary anticipation.

She also said that some of her works represent specific poems and concepts inspired from Mesopotamian mythology, adding that her gallery also features works by 19 children she trained personally at her atelier, along with 36 paintings by contributing artists Mohammad Saada, Ahmad Saada, Ali Saada, and Tammam Wannous.

H. Sabbagh

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