Russia demands the closure of Turkey’s border with Syria

Moscow, SANA – Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Russian State Duma Viktor Vodolatsky said Russia demanded that Turkey close its borders with Syria to stop the flow of terrorists and arms.

Following talks held between Russian diplomats and military officials and their Turkish counterparts in Moscow, Izvestia newspaper quoted Vodolatsky as saying “We, naturally, raised the matter of closing the Turkish-Syrian border so we may stop the flow of terrorists and weapons.”

“We can present to the Turkish side the satellite photos of the places whereby the flow of militants and weapons takes place,” he added.

According to Izvestia, Turkey is already considering the possibility of closing its border with Syria.

The newspaper quoted Igor Morozov, member of the International Committee of the Russian Federation Council, as saying “There is no room left to maneuver for the Turkish negotiators… Along with that, they apparently are poised toward resolving contentious issues. Hence, they have to comply with our condition to close the border.”

Reem/H. Said

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