Abdullahian reiterates Iran’s support to Syria in its war against terrorism

Tehran, SANA- Iran’s Shura Council Assistant Speaker for international affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian reiterated his country’s support to Syria and the resistance in their war against terrorism until the end.

“Iran supports Syria, Iraq and the countries threatened by terrorism in the region” Abdullahian said in a press statement on Thursday, adding “this matter came in the framework of achieving the collective security in the region and the national security in our homeland.”

He pointed out that the United States and some foreign players continue their mistaken policy by using terrorism as a tool and hinder achieving security and stability in the region seriously.

Abdullahian affirmed that the US-Zionist axis created and founded ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations to use them to destabilize the region and the world.


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