Shamkhani, al-Freij affirm importance of military coordination between Syria, Iran and Russia in fighting against Takfiri terrorism

Tehran, SANA – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani affirmed the necessity of military coordination between Syria, Iran and Russia in fighting against Takfiri terrorism, expressing his satisfaction over the results of the tripartite meeting which gathered the defense ministries of the three countries.

On Thursday, Defense Ministers of Syria, Iran and Russia met in Tehran to discuss issues related to combating terrorism in Syria and the region.

During his meeting with Defense Minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij on Friday, Shamkhani said that ” Iran, Russia and Syria are further activating their political capacities more than before to reach an all-inclusive strategy to stop war and bloodshed in Syria.”

Shamkhani noted that Iran will continue to support Syria to root out the terrorist groups, adding that “Today, Syria is the battle ground against a very dangerous sedition, which would spread across the world if not stemmed.”

In his meeting with Freij, the Iranian official hailed the continuous victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and the backed forces, including the liberation of different areas from terrorist militants.

Shamkhani said “a political and nonconstructive attitude” to the crisis in Syria by the US and its allies in the West and the region increased the political and military tensions in Syria.

“Backing terrorist groups and at the same time introducing political initiatives as a solution to the crisis is an obvious contradiction which has put the sincerity of these countries into question,” he said.Shamkhani-al-Freij-Iran-Syria 1

Shamkhani underlined the need to continue the Syrian-Syrian talks to reach a political solution that all Syrians agreed upon to settle the crisis there.

For his part, al-Freij expressed Syria’s thanks to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian government and to the Iranian people for standing by the Syrians in their struggles against terrorism, adding that the Syrian People and government are determined on combating terrorists till eliminating them.

He described the Tehran meeting as “very successful” and said the three sides are set to further enhance their cooperation on the fight against terrorism.

The meeting was attended by the Syrian Ambassador in Tehran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.

Manar / Ghossoun

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