Civil initiative for local reconciliations launched

Damascus, SANA – The State Ministry for National Reconciliation Affairs launched on Monday a civil initiative for local reconciliations in the presence of representatives from all Syrian provinces.

In a speech during the launch of the initiative, State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar affirmed the need for the civil society which complements the government in accomplishing reconciliations, pointing out that the initiative is a volunteer project completely.

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He noted that this initiative is the beginning of a long and hard road towards an goal that the Syrian people need, calling on the members of the initiative to not expect any compensation or position as result of this volunteer work, adding that all previous initiatives succeeded in some ways and failed in others due to the corruption of some persons who took advantage of the reconciliation project.

The minister said that the corruption of some people should not affect national projects, asserting that he personally will not protect any corrupt individual in the reconciliation project.

He pointed out that the reconciliation needs all civil initiatives on condition that the relationship between those initiatives and the Ministry of National Reconciliation adheres to proper protocol.

In turn, Sheikh Jaber Mahmoud Issa, the head of the initiative, said that the people assigned to work in this initiative are the best and the most respectable and upright members of the reconciliation process, adding that the State Ministry is aware of the quality of the work performed by these members.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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