Moscow: Western countries block Security Council statement on Palmyra liberation

Moscow, SANA – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that Moscow is disappointed by the stance of the Western countries as they have blocked a statement welcoming the liberation of Palmyra from ISIS at the UN Security Council drafted by the Russian side.

“We are not so much surprised and disappointed by the position of Western colleagues as puzzled by their true intentions in regard to peaceful settlement in Syria,” Zakharova told the reporters on Wednesday.

“We thought that the delay of reaction from the Western capitals on Palmyra’s liberation was a coincidence. Now it is evident that this is part of a systematic approach,” she added.

The move shows that the Western states are neither interested in liberating Syria from terrorists nor assisting the peaceful settlement nor in cultural values, she said, stressing that “geopolitical interests are behind all this.”

“The Russian side plans to submit to the Executive Board of the UN cultural watchdog UNESCO a draft statement on Palmyra calling to restore this monument of global civilization,” Zakharova noted.


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