Bogdanov: Legislative elections in Syria constitutional, in line with UN resolutions

Moscow, SANA-Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and African Countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said his country has always backed the comprehensive dialogue that includes all components of the Syrian society for solving the crisis.

Speaking to SANA reporter in Moscow, Bogdanov called for “setting the record straight and addressing whatever imperfections that have marred Geneva talks,” citing in this regard the absence of some heavyweight powers within the opposition.

He considered that the talks should be representational of all political and social powers as stated by the UNSC resolutions, which, he said, makes it necessary to have representatives of Moscow, Cairo, Riyadh meetings and the relevant meetings and initiatives.

He expressed a desire by Russia that participants in the inter-Syrian dialogue in Geneva agree on these concepts and points, including the political process, reforms and the new constitution.

Bogdanov renewed Russia’s position on the upcoming parliamentary elections in Syria. “According to the current constitution, the People’s Assembly elections must be held in April. It is up to the Syrian leadership which is abiding by legal and legislative basics represented by the current constitution in a way that does not violate the UN Security Council resolutions and concepts related to the political process,” he said.

“No one has the right to take unilateral measures. All that relates to the system of government must be based on consensus among all Syrians,” Bogdanov said in reference to Rmeilan announcement.

Earlier, Bogdanov discussed in Moscow with a delegation comprising members of internal opposition parties and civil society groups the latest developments in Syria and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Geneva.

In interviews with SANA reporter, the delegation members said talks with Bogdanov focused on the criteria of participation in any political process without the exclusion of any party.

The delegation members said the meeting was aimed at conveying a message to Russia stating that talks should not be confined to the “Riyadh opposition” delegation and that the broadest section of the internal powers be brought onboard.


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