Breaking News Foreign Ministry: Syria strongly condemns the Israeli continued aggressions against Lebanon which will only result in successive failures and continuous defeats

Assistant Foreign Minister meets Italian delegation

Damascus, SANA – Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Sousan received on Sunday an Italian delegation including activists from the Italian non-profit organization SOLIDALE-also named as SOLID- the European Solidarity Front for Syria and the Syrian community in Italy.

Sousan briefed the delegation on the latest developments in Syria, affirming that fighting terrorism is the major step towards an exit from the current crisis and the guarantee of the success of political solution.

He affirmed the importance of obliging the governments supporting terrorism, especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to stop their destructive conduct and cease all forms of support to the terrorist organizations, in line with the UN Security Council’s resolutions on fighting terrorism.

On 27 January, the Syrian community in Italy in cooperation with SOLID and the European Solidarity Front for Syria has sent a humanitarian aid shipment to the Syrian people that included relief and food stuffs, medicines and medical equipment and wheelchairs and crutches for the injured

Sousan highly appreciated the role played by people with conscience around the world and the Syrian communities abroad in disclosing the conspiracy against Syria led by the powers of hegemony and their tools.

The delegation members, for their part, stressed that they are fully aware that what is going on in Syria is an act of aggression against the country, saying they will continue to play that role of clarifying the true image about the situation in Syria to the public opinion in Europe and pressuring western governments to correct their policies.


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