HDP PMs start a hunger strike in protest of Erdogan regime’s military siege on southeastern Turkey

Ankara, SANA Four members of Turkish Parliament representing Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) started a hunger strike in the Turkish Interior Ministry on Wednesday in protest of Erdogan regime authorities’ military siege imposed on some southeastern cities in Turkey.


Deputy Chairman of the HDP Idris Baluken, taking part in the hunger strike, announced that they will continue their strike until lifting the siege over the building where there are a number of injured persons in the city of Cizre and Silopi, southeast of the country.


Erdogan’s forces started 2 months ago military operations and imposed siege siege over against the citizens in a number of Turkish villages and cities southeast of the country.

Baluken said that the total number of the Cizre population was 120,000, but due to Erdogan authorities’ air and ground operations against their city, only some 20,000 are left in the city while at least 200 civilians were killed.


He added that Turkish forces military operations completely destroyed those cities.

H. Zain/ Barry

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