Erdogan regime’s police kill 18 citizens in the southeastern cities of Turkey

Ankara, SANA- Turkish government security forces killed 18 persons in the southeastern villages of the country, subject to a round-the-clock curfew- a month ago.

Erdogan’s regime authorities impose a blanket curfew since early December over Silopi and Cizre towns as well as much of Sur, district of Diyarbakir.


Member of the Turkish Parliament from Peoples Democratic Party “HDP”, Mehmet Furat held, in a speech in Mersin city, head of the Turkish regime Erdogan responsible for the killing of Turkish citizens after ordering the army to destroy the cities in the south of Turkey and displace their inhabitants.

Turkish army said, in a statement, that 16 of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members were killed in the Cizre district of Sirnak province near the Iraqi border
on Friday, while another two killed in the Sur district of Diyarbakir.


A soldier was wounded in Sur in a gun attack on Saturday, while three others and a civilian were also wounded when a remote-controlled bomb was detonated, according
to security sources.

Turkish security forces detained 58 persons in the town of Silopi, in Sirnak on Friday, the army stated.

Turkish Evrensel newspaper unveiled that three Turkish civilians, among them a girl, were killed by Turkish police in Cizre district of Sirnak province, southeast of Turkey.
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