Syrian-Emirati Business Council launches an initiative for collecting Syrian currency and bringing it back home

Damascus, SANA- Chairman of the Syrian-Emirati Business Council in the city of al-Ain in UAE Dr. Ammar Qalla launched an initiative for collecting Syrian currency from abroad and bringing it back home.

In a press statement upon his arrival in Syria, Qalla stressed that Syria nowadays needs all Syrian expatriates to contribute to the restoration of the infrastructure which was destroyed by terrorist ideology and starting reconstruction, pointing out that the Syrian currency which is stolen and smuggled must be returned to Syria to supplement the Syrian treasury.

Qalla explained that he could collect more than SYP 10 million as an initial step, noting that this initiative will be followed by other initiatives and will be a bridge for communication with Syria.

Businessmen, Syrian investors and expatriates supported Syria with the foreign exchange, Qalla said, adding that through social media the Syrian expatriates previously launched campaigns for supporting the Syrian pound through cash transfers or deposits in foreign currency in their accounts at the licensed banks in Syria.

Qalla’s initiative is one among many other initiatives taken by Syrian expatriates to support the Syrian pound and the national economy, the last of which was an initiative by a delegation from the Syrian community in Russia in October and the Phoenix Campaign which was launched by expatriates from all over the world on May.

Qabas/ Manal

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