Three children killed, 11 civilians injured by terrorists’ mortars in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Three children were killed and eleven citizens were injured by terrorists’ mortar shell launched on Daf al-Shouq residential area in Damascus Countryside on Tuesday.

A source at the Damascus Hospital told SANA reporter that three corpses of three children have arrived to the hospital, adding that eleven persons with varied injuries have also arrived and are being treated.

Earlier, a source at the Police Command said that a shell fell on Qanabat Rans neighborhood in Daf al-Shouq, wounding 11 civilians, among them three children, and causing material damage to the private properties in the area.

Terrorists mortar attack caused material damage to a building in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside.
A source at the Police Command told SANA that two mortar shells fired by terrorists fell on Schools Street in Jaramana city, one of the shells hit a residential building and caused material damage to it with no human casualties.


M. Nassr/ B. Mousa/ F. Allafi

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