Three civilians killed, 14 injured in terrorist attacks in Homs province

Homs, SANA, Three civilians were killed and 14 others were  injured Monday in terrorist attacks by mortar shells in al-Mukharam Fouqani and al-Mukharam Tahtani towns in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

A source at Homs governorate told SANA that ISIS terrorists, positioned in Rahoum and Mesheirfeh villages, targeted the two towns with mortar shells.

The attacks also caused material damage to locals’ properties and houses in these areas, according to the source.

On Oct.15th, terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra perpetrated a massacre in Teir ma’al village in Homs northern countryside .

Armed terrorist groups had perpetrated a number of crimes against civilians in several areas, the purpose of many of these acts were to accuse the Syrian Army of targeting civilians. Photos and videos footage of such acts have been used repeatedly to mislead local and international public opinions.

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