Premier al-Halaqi lays foundation stones for vital projects in Homs

Homs, SANA – Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halaqi laid on Thursday the foundation stone for a number of vital and development projects in Homs province with a total value of around SYP 7.250 billion.

This came upon the directions of President Bashar al-Assad and on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of October Liberation War.

October War refers to the Arab-Israeli War that was fought by the coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against the Israeli occupation enemy from October 6 to 25, 1973. Back then, the Syrian armed forces managed to take an area back from the Israeli forces that had advanced on the Golan.

Al-Halaqi inaugurated a number of social housing projects in the province as well as workers’ and youth residences.

The Premier also laid the foundation stone for the University Hospital Project at the Faculty of Medicine in al-Baath University.

Al-Halaqi inaugurated the new building of the Syrian Gas Company administration with an overall value of SYP 950 million in addition to inaugurating al-Rayan Jandar gas line with an estimated value of about SYP 1,850 billion.

In a press statement, al-Halaqi affirmed that establishing these projects proves once again the dynamism of the Syrian people and their determination to build what terrorism had destroyed, noting that the government is seeking to find solutions for service problems which citizens are suffering due to the unjust economic blockade.

Al-Halaqi pointed out the government’s interest in developing and reviving the housing sector to contribute to social stability and provide suitable housing for low income citizens and youths, adding that the government is working on developing educational institutions and providing all their requirements.

During his visit to Hassia Industrial City which started production this year, al-Halaqi said that Hassia has a significant economic and industrial role in Syria and is relied on for achieving industrial and food security and meeting the needs of reconstruction process.

The Premier also visited a military unit, saluting the soldiers manning it and affirming that coming days and weeks will bring great victories all over Syria, adding that the Syrian leadership highly appreciates the sacrifices of Syrian army’s heroes.

Al-Halaqi inspected “Mashroue” program which contributes to supporting small and micro-sized enterprises particularly in villages, also visiting neighborhoods of old Homs, the Ghassaniya Orthodox Private School and the Dispensary of Orthodox Charitable Association and inspected repair works at Khaled Ibn al-Walid Mosque.

Meeting social, economic and intellectual figures in the governorate building, al-Halaqi said the government is granting SYP 800 million to Homs governorate to improve economic and industrial sectors in it, stressing the government’s keenness to offer basic supplies and oil products to all citizens.

Al-Halaqi stressed the importance of partnership between government and all social components to outline economic and developmental policies.

In turn, Rector of al-Baath University Ahmad Mofid Subuh stressed the importance of establishing the university hospital the vital services it provides.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal/H. Said

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