Hundreds gather in Prague to demand Czech Republic withdraw from NATO

Prague, SANA – Hundreds of Czechs organized a demonstration in St. Vatislav Square in the Czech capital Prague on Monday to demand the withdrawal of the Czech Republic from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and to express solidarity with Syria.

Spokesmen for the demonstrators, who represent Czech pacifist and left-wing organizations, said that the aggressive NATO is directly responsible for destruction caused in many countries from Yugoslavia up to Syria and Iraq.

They expressed solidarity with Syria, its people, and its army that confronts terrorist forces backed, armed, funded, and trained by the Arab Gulf and Western states.

Demonstrators asserted that those who want to fight terrorism effectively must work and coordinate with the Syrian army since it is the only force that fights effectively against terrorist organizations of various kinds and names.

They pointed out that the active terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq, especially ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, are mere pawns used by NATO to achieve political objectives and sabotage countries, considering that the United States and other Western countries are not serious in fighting terrorism despite their claims.

Qabas /Hazem Sabbagh

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