Syrians celebrate Army Day, reiterating support to the Army in face of the terrorist war launched against Syria

Capitals, SANA- On the 70th anniversary of establishing the Syrian Arab Army, Syrians at home and abroad celebrated the occasion, reiterating their adherence to the homeland and their standing by the Syrian Arab Army in the face of the Takfiri terrorist war launched against Syria.

Occupied Golan

People of the occupied Syrian Golan on Friday reiterated adherence to their national identity and to the homeland, and their standing by the Syrian Arab Army in the face of terrorism and in the battle of liberation till defeating all terrorists in Syria and liberating all the occupied Syrian Golan and raising the Syrian flag over its land.

People of the Golan stressed, in a statement on the occasion, confidence of the ability of the army and the armed forces to win the battle against terrorism and to eliminate all terrorist organizations across the country.

Ba’ath Party

In the same context, the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party stressed that the Syrian Arab Army since its foundation 70 years ago has defended the issues of the Arab nation and it has sacrificed to convey its eternal message, the message of civilization and dignity and it still defends this message undaunted by the Takfiri and retroactive regimes who are the agents of the US-Zionist project and the supporters of terrorism.

In a statement on the Army Day, the regional leadership said “This heroic Army is today carrying the national issues and the pan-Arab issues as a whole to the highest levels of dignity… The Syrian Army has become a distinguished school in defending the homeland and in adhering to its causes.”

Commemorating the anniversary of the army’s establishment, members of the Syrian community in Hungary reiterated their standing by the homeland and the Syrian Arab Army in the face of the global war launched against Syria.


Meanwhile, the National Union of Syrian Students “NUSS”- Romania Branch stressed that the global conspiracy hatched against Syria targets in the first place its heroic army which along with the Arab resistances which are supported by Syria constitutes the biggest source of concern for those who seek to undermine the Arab nation and to usurp its resource.

“The Syrian Arab Army is the institution which preserves Syria as a land and people and it protects the security and safety of the country and draws a wonderful image about the distinguished Syrian texture, “the Syrian students said in a statement.


In a similar statement, members of the Syrian community in Italy reiterated loyalty to the army and the armed forces and to President Bashar al-Assad, congratulating all the personnel of the army and the armed forces on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab Amy.

The Syrian community expressed hope that all the Syrian territories will be liberated and that all the terrorist organizations which seek to divide Syria and to usurp its resources will be defeated.

In Slovakia, Syrian students affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army is conducting battle of “Sovereignty and pride” in facing the Wahabi, Takfiri and the Turkish terrorism with solid steps till defeating it.

The students expressed loyalty to the homeland led by President Bashar al-Assad in facing Imperialism and international Zionism and their Turkish and Arab pawns.


Syrian community in Ukraine organized Saturday a celebration on the occasion of the 70th anniversary for establishing the Syrian Arab Army.

Members of the community expressed great appreciation, pride respect, and love for president Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian Arab Army heroes, and a special greeting of tribute for the martyrs who offered momentous sacrifices in defense of the nation.

“By virtue of the Syrian Army, Syria remains steadfast and reluctant against terrorism coming from all over the world,” Head of the community in Kiev Imad Zaza asserted.

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