President al-Assad addresses Syrian army on Army Day

Damascus, SANA_ President Bashar al-Assad addressed the Syrian Arab army through Jaish al-Shaab (The Army of the People) magazine on the 70h anniversary of the Syrian army’s foundation.

In his address, President al-Assad extended heart-felt congratulations to the Syrian army’s commanders and rank and file on the occasion, saying that they held up a shining example in giving, sacrifice and loyalty to homeland.

He added that the Syrian army has risen up to the challenges that the terrorist war against Syria, now in its fifth year, has presented by showing unwavering resolve and willingness to offer whatever sacrifices it takes to preserve the Syrian land and heritage.

“Because you embodied an example in defending the homeland and preserving the integrity of its people, the Syrian people have stood side by side with you to repulse the aggressors and to express their pride in you,” added President al-Assad, addressing the Army.

The President indicated that the Syrian army, since its foundation, has never flinched from carrying out national duties, thus proving to be worthy of the trust of the Syrian people.

Concluding his address, the President saluted the Army’s heroes and the martyrs’ families, highly appreciating “every single drop of blood spilled to protect precious Syria.”


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