People’s Assembly discusses the performance of Internal Trade Ministry

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly approved in a session chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham on Tuesday a law on establishing penal and appeal courts n all provinces specialized in financial and economic issues.

The Assembly also discussed the performance of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection and its efforts in monitoring the markets, commodity and food prices and quality, and the measures taken for implementing the law of consumer protection effectively.

Members of the Assembly stressed the need for making exceptional efforts under the current circumstances for monitoring markets more comprehensively, stabilizing prices, curbing arbitrary price hikes, and improving the work of positive intervention establishments in order to provide all the basic needs for citizens at acceptable prices.

They also emphasized the need to punish all those who commit transgressions seek to exploit the current situation to make illicit profits.

In response to the Assembly members’ queries, Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Hassan Safiye said that the Ministry has sufficient reserves of wheat, flour, sugar, rice, tea, and oil, and that the new internal trade and consumer protection law which is in effect as of today will have an active effect on monitoring prices in the market, as it includes numerous provisions to prevent exploitation, infringements, and fraudulent practices.

Qabas / Hazem Sabbagh

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