Amali Farah…first Syrian lady to specialize in ceramics at the French city of Limoges

Damascus, SANA- Amali Farah is the first Syrian lady to open her own shop for ceramics at the Handicrafts Market at Tekkiye Suleymaniye in Damascus 32 years ago and she still works at it tirelessly as she has become well known in this domain.

Ceramic industry is an artistic handicraft that is based on the innovation and the artistic sense of the ceramist, Farah told SANA, adding that she loved this art since she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts as she specialized in the interior design, then she followed a training course at an institute for applied arts in which she learnt the basics of ceramic industry.

In 1981, Farah travelled to the French city of Limoges to study ceramic art as she became very famous for making porcelain and ceramics on the international level, and later she returned to Tekkiye Suleymaniye to open her shop again.

Farah said that she has organized many training courses to teach the beautiful art of ceramics to the next generations as she started these courses with the children who are under eight and then she started to train youths.

She indicated that some of those whom she has trained have excelled in this handicraft, and they opened their own workshops.

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