Beri, Abdul-Kareem discuss the latest developments in the region

Beirut, SANA- ‏Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Syria’s Ambassador in Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim discussed Thursday the latest developments in the region in the wake of signing the final deal between Iran and the countries of the P5+1 group on Iran’s nuclear program.

“We discussed situations in the region and Syria, particularly after reaching the final Iran nuclear deal and its repercussions in the region,” Abdul-Karim said after meeting, adding that “Beri is optimistic about the repercussion of the deal to strengthen the axis which fights terrorism threatening the whole world including its supportive countries.”

He asserted that reaching a nuclear deal is a result of the efforts exerted by those who adhere to justice, sovereignty and peoples’ dignity in fighting terrorism, pointing out that this deal is in favor of all humanity.

Victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and Lebanese Resistance in fighting terrorist organizations, were also touched upon during the meeting.


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