President al-Assad issues a law exempting customs offences from fines

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad issued on Tuesday law no. 7 for 2015 exempting customs offences from fines on condition that duties are paid by the due date.

According to the law, the customs offences listed in the articles no.277 and 278 of the Customs Law no. 38 for the year 2006 will be exempted from fines listed in article no. 279 if overdue customs duties and other charges and taxes are paid, in addition to paying a fine worth 40 % of the total value of goods with overdue duties.

The law also stipulates for replacing certain fines listed in articles no. 253 and 276 of the Customs Law with others whose value is 10% of the original amounts imposed if customs duties are paid by the due date.

The exemptions cover the customs offenses committed before 9/7/2013 for which no judicial rulings have been issued.

Fines on customs offences in resolved cases will be exempted if they are less than SYP 10,000.

However, the customs offences related to weapons, drugs, prohibited goods, oil products and subsidized materials are not included in the law.

R. J/Barry/H. Said

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