People’s Assembly committee discusses state of pharmaceutical industry

Damascus, SANA – Members of the Services Committee at the People’s Assembly discussed on Wednesday the state of pharmaceutical industry in a meeting attended by Health Minister Nizar Yazigi and representatives of pharmaceutical factories.

The Committee members stressed the need to provide production needs for factories to ensure that pharmaceutical production continues and that the local market’s needs are met at reasonable prices.

They also called for more stringent supervision of pharmacies in terms of availability and quality of pharmaceutical products.

For their part, the factories’ representatives called for finding solutions for the issue of products that lose money.

In turn, Minister Yazigi said that the Ministry and other sides have made a proposal for a new pricing mechanism that is fair to both producers and consumers, as the current mechanism is archaic.

He noted that despite the current situation in the country, the pharmaceuticals sector is operating at a reasonable efficiency, with locally-produced medicine covering around 89% of the local market’s needs.

Yazigi added that 14 out of 20 pharmaceutical factories damaged by terrorists have been put back in business, and new factories have been licenses, asserting that the Ministry is monitoring the market carefully.

Hazem Sabbagh

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