Defense units push back ISIS terrorists from Ain al-Arab city

Aleppo, SANA – The units defending the city of Ain al-Arab in Aleppo Countryside pushed back the terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who infiltrated the city two days ago coming from the border with Turkey.

Local sources said Saturday the defense units have re-established control over the sites into which ISIS terrorists had infiltrated.

The units, the sources explained, blew up al-Banin (Boys) Secondary School in the city, ISIS last site, amid fierce clashes, and have combed the city looking for fleeing and hiding terrorists.

ISIS terrorists carried out several terrorist explosions at the entrance of Ain al-Arab and killed at least 120 civilians when they infiltrated the city last Thursday.

ISIS also perpetrated another massacre in Barkh Boutan village in southern Ain al-Arab, shooting dead 22 residents.

Last January, the popular protection units managed to drive ISIS terrorists out of Ain al-Arab city following five months of non-stop confrontations and fierce battles during which hundreds of ISIS members were killed and scores of their vehicles were destroyed.

H. Zain/ H.Said

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