Defense Minister visits military units in al-Tha’la airport, Sweida province

Sweida, SANA- Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, Defense Minister Gen. Jasem al-Freij, acting on President Bashar al-Assad’s directives, visited on Sunday military units in al-Tha’la military airport in Sweida countryside.

Al-Tha’la airport, a military airbase in the countryside of the southern province of Sweida, was scene to heavy fighting between the army and terrorist organizations who wanted to capture the airport. The army managed to repel the attack, aborting the terrorists’ onslaught.

Al-Freij, accompanied by a number of General Command officers, met the military commanders and combatants, hailing their sacrifices and heroism in defense of the airport.

friej 2Al-Freij expressed appreciation for the honorable stances of Sweida’s sons and their support for the Army, affirming that the army and armed forces are always fully prepared to deter attackers.

He was briefed by field commanders on the nature of combat operations which they carried out against terrorist organizations.

Al-Freij affirmed that the people, Army and leadership had previously foiled the Zionist aggression and their steadfastness paves the way for victory over terrorism whose signs have begun to emerge.

For their part, the combatants affirmed that they will remain the “homeland’s shield and impregnable fort” in combating terrorist organizations in all Syrian areas to preserve Syria’s glory.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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