Alliance of Peace and Freedom delegation: Europe must take Syria’s side and fight terrorism

Damascus, SANA – Roberto Fiore, head of the delegation of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) in Europe, said the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are on top of the countries involved in the conspiracy plotted against Syria.

During a meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham on Saturday, Fiore said Syria is facing a blatant attack armed by extremism and terrorism, represented by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

He described what is going on as “a conflict between civilization and chaos,” saying that in their position as a delegation for peace and freedom, their mission is to convince the European people to take the civilization’s side represented by Syria and fight terrorism before it reaches Europe.

Fiore, who is leader of Italy’s New Force party, warned of the ongoing spread of terrorism and ISIS, noting that terrorism simultaneously strikes different areas as it is now active in the Mediterranean region, with ISIS also spreading to Lebanon, Libya, some areas in Spain and even in the Balkans.

Fiore told al-Laham that the delegation will hold a press conference on June 16th in Europe during which he will acquaint the public opinion with all what is happening in Syria to clear the picture as the European governments are politicized and are currently working under the command of the United States.

He also referred to a plan to organize a media campaign against Saudi Arabia to protest its support for terrorism.

Speaker al-Laham highlighted the important role which civil society institutions and peace activists could play, alongside the legislative institutions, to the effect of supporting the values of love and peace and confronting extremism, terrorism, chaos and racial discrimination.

He referred in particular to the role which could be played in familiarizing the world public opinion with the reality of the situation in Syria and highlighting the terrorism targeting its people.

Al-Lahham criticized the so-called anti-ISIS coalition led by Washington, dismissing it as being aimed at providing cover for the secret support which the US and its allies offer to the terrorist organizations.

“Those who want to fight terrorism have to cooperate with the Syrian state,” said al-Laham, calling on the European governments to reconsider their “short-sighted and wrong policies” on Syria as terrorism has turned into an international threat.

The delegation includes parliamentarians and members of a number of parties from European states.

Information Minister: Israel and Saudi Arabia have ”vested interest” in destroying Syria’s heritage

During his meeting with the delegation, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi blamed Israel and Saudi Arabia for the destruction that hit the Syrian heritage and antiquities, criticizing the West’s inaction over the attacks of terrorists against Syrian heritage and archeological sites.


“Syria is approaching the issue of terrorism in accordance with the international law,” said the minister, citing hundreds of letters that Syria has addressed to the UN documenting the atrocities terrorists have been committing in Syria.

But, he said, Western countries do not want the voice of Syria heard.

The minister said the “opposition” which is being promoted as moderate by Western presidents and officials, including the US and French presidents, is the one which is committing the most gruesome crimes against the Syrians.

As many as 40 Syria journalists have been killed by terrorists from ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, the “Free Army” and the “moderate opposition”, said the minister as he briefed the delegation on the losses of the Syrian media under the current crisis, citing scores others who were kidnapped or went missing.

He lashed out at a Western policy of sanctions against the Syrian media outlets which he said amounts to “a political and intellectual blockade which is one of a kind.”

The delegation members were supplied with a documentary that revealed the crimes of foreign terrorists in Syria and the involvement of the Turkish regime and regional intelligence in the current events.

Al-Zoubi urged the delegation members to put pressure on the EU parliament to listen “to the viewpoint of the Syrian people” about the terrorism targeting them.

Mikdad: Some European politicians’ attitude against Syria would serve to empower the terrorists

Alliance for Peace and Freedom-MikdadThe delegation also met with Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad, who said the attitude of some European politicians against the Syrian State would serve to empower the terrorists to take control of Syria and then spread to the rest of countries in the region and the world.

Mikdad stressed that it is the Syrian people, that have been fighting terrorism on the ground, who will determine the future of Syria and the region, and not those who are supporting terrorism.

He cited among those the European leaders, whom he said, are begging for money and the favor of Saudi Arabia and other countries that provide support and funds to the terrorists and send them to Syria to kill its people and destroy its civilization.

For his part, Fiore,  dismissed the position of some European governments on what is going on in Syria as a “serious political and media game” aimed at misleading the European public opinion on the reality of the situation in Syria.

Later in a press conference, Fiore said ISIS a tool used by the US to destroy Syria’s people and civilization.

He dismissed the Saudi Arabia’s attempts to buy land in the European countries as aimed at building centers to promote and spread the Takfiri Wahhabi thinking, which would pose a threat to Europe.


He indicated the increase in the number of Europeans who have joined ISIS since his latest visit to Syria a year and a half before by ten times as much, warning of the danger which those would pose if they return back to their countries.

Fiore said that unfortunately ISIS is receiving huge support at a time when the Syrians are being sanctioned and the media is waging misguiding campaign to distort the reality of the vent in the country.

For his part, Member of the European Parliament Udo Voigt said the western media outlets are distorting the facts, adding that he saw in his own eyes that the Syrian people and government are firm and holding unlike what is being circulated via the western media.

In turn, head of the British National Party and former European Parliament member Nicolas John Griffin said the APF consists of 12 parties and movements that oppose Zionism and is working on unmasking the connection between KSA and Zionism.

Party official: Syria fighting terrorism on behalf of entire world

Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal discussed with Fiore the situation in the region and the terrorist war waged against Syria.

Fiore said the European-backed terrorism will sooner or later hit Europe, adding that the European peoples are now aware of the reasons behind the war on Syria in spite of the huge media misleading campaign that is distorting the reality of the events there.

He said that the European governments are dependent in their decisions on the US and Israel.


For his part, al-Hilal stressed the importance that Europe plays a neutral role in solving the issues of the Arab region and the world, adding that Syria is currently fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world and is keen on perverting terrorism from reaching Europe or any other area.

He said the reason behind the international systematic terrorist aggression on Syria is its national decisions and adherence to its independence and national sovereignty, adding that the visit of the APF indicates that Syria is not alone in this unjust war and that there are many political, party and popular sides that support Syria.

Mohammad Nassr/ Haifa Said/Manal Ismael

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