Nasrallah: Recent achievements gave the Syrian Arab Army and the resistance the upper hand

Beirut, SANA – Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that the achievements made in the past few days gave the Syrian Arab Army and the resistance the upper hand in al-Qalamoun and Ersal areas.

In a televised speech on Friday, Nasrallah said that the element that speeded up the commencement of al-Qalamoun battle was the direct attack by terrorists on army and resistance sites, particularly the recent attack by Al Qaeda offshoot Jabhet al-Nusra on areas in Younin, Nahla, and Ersal.

He stressed that the battle in Ersal will help the Lebanese Army and will serve as a preface to it taking the steps demanded of it officially and publically, asserting that the resistance has no intention of entering the town of Ersal itself as this is the responsibility of the Lebanese Army.

Nasrallah also said that ISIS was originally Al Qaeda but broke away from it after disputes over its leadership, and that Al Qaeda was created by intelligence agencies from the US, Saudi Arabia, and others as is proven by documents.

He noted that ISIS and its project are being exploited by certain sides that protect it, fund it, and buy oil from it with the goal of employing it as a pawn in the battles taking place in the region.

Nasrallah asserted that Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the resistance are the ones who are actually fighting ISIS, adding that media and political misdirection is being employed on a very large scale to twist facts in this regard.

Hazem Sabbagh

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