President Rouhani to Speaker Laham… Iranian government and people will stay by the side of Syria

Tehran, SANA – Iranian government and people will stay by the side of Syria in the face of terrorist war waged against it till eliminating terrorism, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said during his meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham in Tehran on Tuesday.

Emphasizing joint will for building more immovable relations between Syria and Iran in all domains, Rouhani reiterated that the strategic ties which have been established between the two countries are being enhanced in a fast pace.

Those who imposed the terrorist war on Syria were expecting to achieve their objectives within months, but today after more than four and half years of steadfastness and resistance of the Syrian people, the sponsors of the scheme are frustrated, the Iranian President went on to say.

President Rouhani expressed confidence that Syria will triumph over terrorism, because the approach which its enemies had adopted in supporting terrorism is wrong and the foreign countries which stand by this scheme could not impose their dictations on the Syrian people.

For his part, al-Laham reiterated Syria’s determination to continue fighting terrorism and the terrorist ideology until uprooting them from all Syrian territories.

Rouhani Laham

The Assembly’s speaker pointed out the hostile and destructive role played by some western, regional and neighboring countries against the Syrian people through offering all forms of support to terrorists for killing innocent people in Syria and demolishing their culture and infrastructure in serving the Zio-American project in the region.

He asserted the necessity of the implementation of the UN Security Council’s relevant resolutions on combating terrorism.

Al-Laham called for adopting national, regional and international measures for efficiently facing the risks of the terrorist organizations through preventing and stopping financing the terrorist acts.

Syria will get out of the crisis stronger than ever thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, resilience of the Syrian people and the support of its friends, al-Laham said.

He pointed out that signing the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 countries has a key role in enhancing security and stability in the region.

Shamkhani: US anti-terrorism alliance is “ruse”, Syria will achieve victory eventually

Meanwhile, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani stressed that Iran pays special attention to Syria and is closely following the developments there.

Meeting al-Laham later on the day, Shamkhani dismissed the absence of “a serious will” for combating terrorism, warning of the threat posed to the international peace and security by the cross-border terrorism in Syria.

He criticized the US-led so-called anti-terrorism alliance as a “ruse”, saying that the US is actually supporting terrorism in Syria and the region.

Ali Shamkhani-Laham-Tehran

Iran, Shamkhani said, supports the Syrian people and stresses that interference in its’ internal affairs should not be allowed and Syria’s sovereignty be respected.

He voiced confidence that Syria, having resisted and stood its ground for more than four years now, will achieve victory eventually.

Speaker al-Laham, in turn, echoed Shamkhani’s remarks on the alliance against terrorism, saying while this alliance’s members claim in media to be fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), they are covertly backing and arming it.

He criticized the Western and Gulf states that still deal with double standards with the issue of terrorism after all the various hideous crimes which the terrorist organizations have committed in Iraq and Syria.

Earlier Monday, Ali Akbar Velayati, Advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader stressed during a meeting with Laham, that Syria is in the first trench in confronting the Israeli entity and it is now facing its tools and the Takfiri terrorist project which aims at undermining  and weakening the resistance axis in the region.

Velayati appreciated the brave and firm stances of President Bashar al-Assad in confronting terrorism.

Speaker Laham discussed Monday with Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Ali Larijani in Tehran means of enhancing parliamentary cooperation between Syria and Iran to overcome the dangers and big challenges facing Syria and the region, and with Velayati the strategic relations between Syria and Iran and the latest developments in the region in light of the Takfiri terrorism.

Laham, also, discussed with Head of the Syrian-Iranian Economic relations’ development Rostam Ghasemi means of boosting economic and trade ties between the two countries and removing any obstacles that might face them.

Iran will remain standing by Syria against terrorism

In this regard, al-Laham discussed with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif bilateral relations between Syria and Iran and the latest developments on regional and international arenas.


“We are determined to purify Syria from terrorists and all forms of terrorism and extremism whatsoever the sacrifices were,” al-Laham said during the meeting, referring to the terrorists’ attempts to escalate their acts against the Syrian people and their properties and civilization.

He added that all countries have to abide by the UN resolutions relevant to combating terrorism and other resolutions concerning non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, respecting the sovereignty of states and controlling the joint borders.

He appreciated Iran for its support to Syria, as government and people, against the unfair war and economic embargo, affirming that the support of friends boosts the determination of the Syrian people in combating terrorism and extremism.

Al-Laham said the Syrian people and Army support the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad who represents the symbol of resistance and struggle.

Zarif, for his part, affirmed Iran’s firm policy in supporting Syria, as government and people, in combating terrorism and extremism.

“Iran will remain standing by the government and people of Syria in combating terrorism and extremism, and it follows the developments of situation in Syria,”  Zarif added.

He underlined that victory is the ally of Syrian people, referring to the importance of coordination in the field of combating terrorism.

Zarif said that the tripartite coordination among Iran, Iraq and Syria, particularly in fighting terrorism, comes in the interest of the region.

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