Prayer for peace in Syria and return of abductees held in Homs’ Old City

Homs, SANA – Prayer for peace in Syria, the souls of martyrs, and the return of all abductees was held on Sunday at the Holy Spirit Church in al-Hamidiye neighborhood in Homs’ Old City.

Prayer 2

The people attending the ceremony prayed for the return of the head of St. Moses the Black Monastery, Father Jacob Murad, and Deacon Paul Hanna, who were abducted by terrorists from St. Elian Monestary in Homs a week ago.

They also prayed for the return of Aleppo Bishops Paul Yazigi and John Ibrahim, who were abducted by terrorists nearly two years ago, and all other abductees.

The participants voiced their rejection of violence and terrorism and their adherence to national unity, saying that the abduction of religious figures seeks to incite strife and damage coexistence.

Hazem Sabbagh

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