May 28, Establishment of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).


1949 – A new constitution in Germany was approved.

1959 – US launched two monkeys abroad Jupitar AM-13 and the two monkeys returned safe.

1963 –Pakistan’s hurricane claims the lives of 30,000 persons and destroys thousands of homes.

1964 – Palestinian National Council convened in Jerusalem and decided to establish the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

1980 – Iranian Shura Council which was elected following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, convened.

1995 – End of the civil war between Ethiopia and Eritrea by the independence of Eretria from Ethiopia.

2002 – North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) endorses partnership agreement with Russia.

Born today:

1912 – Australian writer and Nobel-Laureate Patrick White.

Passed away:

2010 – Egyptian writer Osama Anwar Okasha.


Republic Day in Azerbaijan and Armenia.

H. Zain/ Barry

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