Al-Baida village…an important tourist destination

Hama, SANA- Al-Baida village with its tranquility, fresh air and pure water as well as the sparkling falls which embroider its thick forests in a charming atheistic way endows its visitors with eternal memories brimful with joy.

The 512 meters-high village, located 2km from Messyaf area in Hama province, is an important tourist destination due to its nature and the archeological monuments which spread around it.

Some 800 people live in the village which expands over a small area, yet this number doubles in summer as the village enjoys a moderate weather in this season in comparison with other areas.

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The village is famous for its waterfalls which flow from the springs in the mountains surrounding the village.

The magnificent forests, such as al-Asiri forest which embraces various species of the durable trees and wide animals, are another factor which makes the village an important tourist destination.

The name of the village came from the white limestone which spread on a wide area in the village.

Ain Khraiba Spring is one of the most important archeological monuments in the village. The spring had been destroyed in the past, and its stones were used in building the houses of the village, says Farzat Hadad, the village’s municipality Manager.

The village had been inhabited hundreds of years ago as it has went through various historical ears reflected in the architectural style of its archeological monuments.

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