Syrians abroad start intervention to support SYP against USD exchange rate rise

Damascus, SANA – Syrian expatriates started on Friday a campaign announced earlier to intervene to support the Syrian pound (Lira)-referred to as SYP- in the face of the economic war waged against the homeland.

The campaign, which was titled “The Syrian Phoenix”, works through the expatriates buying Syrian currency or depositing US dollar into banks in Syria.

The expatriates can come in person and open bank accounts in Syria or exchange US dollar at the Central Bank of Syria (CBS), or they can open a Syrian bank account in Syria by correspondence via a mediator bank.

This can be done in any Arab or foreign country through the banks which have branches in Syria.

The expatriates can, while in their countries of residence, exchange a sum of at least USD 100 to the Syrian pound and keep the money with them.

Aref al-Tawil, a renowned Syrian actor who is one of the campaign’s co-founders, told SANA earlier today that the campaign has already received currency transfer receipts of considerable amounts from Syrians living in Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Syrian communities, he said, have moved to join the campaign on a large scale, expecting a remarkable turnout in the coming hours.

Before its launch earlier today, up to 24 businessmen and hundreds of participants had joined the campaign, which is aimed at supporting the Syrian pound following the recent rise in the dollar exchange rate against the SYP.

“The Syrian Phoenix” campaign will continue for several days, and will be followed by weekly intervention moves according to the laws in the countries of residence in order to provide the greatest support possible to face the foreign-imposed severe economic sanctions within the terrorist war against Syria, now in its fifth year.

Haifa Said

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