Army establishes control over areas in Qalamoun and Lattakia countryside, kills terrorists in several provinces

Provinces, SANA, The army and armed forces carried out Friday operations in killing, injuring and destroying terrorists’ vehicles and weapons in different areas in the country.

Damascus Countryside

Army units, in cooperation with the Lebanese Resistance, established control over several areas in al-Qalamoun ranges in Damascus Countryside near the Lebanese borders, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists.

A military source told SANA that successful operations by the Syrian Arab Army and the Lebanese resistance have resulted in establishing control over the areas of Seir Izz Eddin, Wadi Eddin, Shameis Ayn al-Ward, Qarnat Jouz al-Inab, al-Kunayis border crossing,Harf al-Mahmadat, Qarnat Wadi al-Dar, and Harf Jiwar al-Khiraf in al-Qalamoun ranges.

The source said that the operations also resulted in eliminating large numbers of terrorists, causing the morale of terrorist groups to collapse which resulted in infighting and quarrels among these groups and prompted a number of their members to flee to the surroundings of Fleita town and to the town of Ersal in Lebanon, while others turned themselves in.

Several workshops used by terrorists to manufacture explosives and rig car bombs were also targeted by the army during these operations, resulting in destroying them completely and killing all the terrorists inside them, the source said, adding that the fleeing terrorists left behind a lot of military equipment, weaponry, and munitions.

Also in Damascus Countryside, SANA’s field correspondent said that an army unit carried out a special operation which resulted in destroying 3 vehicles and a hideout belonging to Islam Army terrorist organization in Harasta area.

The operation resulted in the death of a number of terrorists including Abdelhadi al-Gherban from Jordan, Othman Ahmad Taher al-Nazir from Sudan, Nawaf al-Tabatbai’e from Kuwait, al-Sedeek al-Abadi from Libya, Samih Hammoudeh from Palestine, Abdeljalil Bou Aouf, Abdullah al-Helwani, Haidar Badran, Ziyad al-Haboushi, Mohammad al-Dali, and Fayssal al-Rifa’i.

In al-Nashabiye area, an army unit destroyed a vehicle and killed seven terrorists from Ajnad al-Cham terrorist organizations in Marj al-Sultan village.

In the northern side of the Eastern Ghouta, clashed between army units and terrorist groups in Tal Kurdi farms east of Douma city resulted in the death of many terrorists, including Muhieddin Noureddin, Osama al-Basha, and Omar al-Hakim.

More terrorists were killed and others were injured and their weapons and ammo were destroyed in the farms between the town of Maida’a and Maida’ani village in the eastern limits of Eastern Ghouta.

The army also destroyed a tunnel used by terrorist east of the sports complex in Jobar area, leaving no less than 19 terrorists dead or injured.


An Army unit targeted with intensive strikes the gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra in al-Na’ima east of Daraa.

The strikes resulted in the death of many terrorists, the injury of many others and the destruction of their vehicles and weapons.

Another Army unit inflicted heavy losses on terrorist organizations during a military operation against one of their gatherings in al-Sahasel village in the far northeastern countryside of Daraa.


To the south of the country, units of the army and armed forces targeted terrorists’ dens, killing and injuring terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra, the so called Islam Army, Yarmouk army, the first army and Ahrar al Sham al-Islamia at the village of al-Qahtaniya,  which the Takfiri terrorists take it as their launch pad due to its bordering the occupied lands, a Military source told SANA.

Another army unit killed and injured a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the village of al-Samadaniya al-Gharbiya to the northeast of Quneitra province and at the vicinity of the main square in Quneitra province where clashes took place between the army and terrorists.

Meanwhile, Takfiri terrorists acknowledged at their social media pages killing a number of their members, among them Muthanna Saleh al-Nayef was identified.


In the northern province of Idleb, units of the army and armed forces killed scores of terrorists in Kafar Haya, and on the road between the towns of Bzabour , Kafar Lata and al-Rami in the countryside of the province, and destroy a number of armored vehicles some of which equipped with heavy machine-guns, the source said.

Army units eliminated a number of “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in Abu al-Dohour, Hmeimiat, al-Taman’a and Kafr Nubl in Idleb countryside.


In the central province of Homs, an army unit carried out special operations against dens and gatherings of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), killing a number of terrorists, injuring others and destroying their arms and ammunition in the village of Rahoum in the eastern  countryside of the province, according to the military source.

Other army units killed a number of ISIS terrorists and destroyed their gatherings, arms and ammunition in the two villages of al-Mazbal and al-Msheirfeh al-Shamalyeh in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

In the northern countryside of the central province, units of the army destroyed a vehicle equipped with heavy machine-gun, killing and injuring a number of terrorists of Jabhat al -Nusra, the so called “Jaish al-Tawheed”, “Failaq Homs”,”Ajnad Homs”, “Ahrar al-Sham movement”and other terrorist organizations in al-Hilalyeh farms and the western farms of al-Rastan.

The Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted on their social pages killing a number of their members, among those M’ad al-Issa, Mustafa Mohammad al-Ali, Hussien al-Ateqi amd Gaith Mohammad al-Jasemi were identified.

The army carried out special operations against terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in Jbab Hamad, Talbeisa, al-Shandakhia al-Janoubia and Hawsh Hajo in Homs countryside, killing dozens of terrorists and injuring many others.

Elsewhere in the province’s countryside, the army air force killed many terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the area surrounding al-Shaer field in Homs eastern countryside.


In the northwestern countryside of Hama, a number of terrorists were killed, others were injured and their ammo and weaponry were destroyed during Army strikes against the dens of terrorist organizations in Kastoon village.


In the coastal province of Lattakia, units of Army and armed forces, in cooperation with popular defense  groups, established control over al-Zinona height, Joret Magarit al-Rashwan, Rwisit al- Maloha, Rwisit Jorit al-Za’atra and Roisit al-Jora al-Modora in the northern countryside  of Lattakia after eliminating the latest terrorists’ gatherings in the area.


In the eastern province of Hasaka, an army and armed forces unit carried out a special operation in the village of Um al-Kibar in the western countryside of Hasaka province and destroyed the gatherings of terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization, a source in Hasaka told SANA.

A number of ISIS terrorists were killed and others were injured during the army’s operation and one of ISIS vehicles was destroyed with all arms and ammunition inside it, the source added.

Deir Ezzor

The army air force destroyed dens and vehicles of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in al-Mri’aya village in Deir Ezzor countryside.


An army unit destroyed a tunnel used by terrorists along with the terrorists inside it in al-Heshkul and al-Ameriye area in Aleppo.

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