Aid convoy delivered to Ariha city in Idleb

Idleb, SANA A convoy loaded with flour, food materials, vegetables and fuel was delivered to Ariha city in the southern countryside of Idleb province.

Idleb Governor Khair-Eddin al-Sayyed told SANA Tuesday that the convoy had entered across Jourin road in the northwest of Hama province under the protection of the army.

Al-Sayyed pointed out that the convoy includes 7 trucks containing 350 tons of flour, in addition to trucks carrying fuel and others loaded with hygienic and food materials.

Ariha is being exposed to terrorist attacks by Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri terrorist organizations which tried to besiege the city through targeting humanitarian aid trucks and convoys heading to the city.

H. Zain/ Barry

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