The army thwarts an attack attempt in Aleppo, continues military operations to crush terrorist organizations

Provinces, SANA – Army on Monday continued operations thwarting attack attempts, crushing and uprooting armed terrorist organizations and groups across the country, killing and wounding scores of their members.


A unit from the army and armed forces thwarted an attempt by terrorist groups against a military position at al-Zahraa neighbourhood in the northern city of Aleppo.

“A unit from the army and armed forces thwarted an attempt by armed terrorist groups against a military position at al-Zahraa neighborhood to the west of Aleppo, killing and injuring a big number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and weapons”, a military source told SANA Monday night, adding that “clashes are still going on in the area”.

Earlier on the day, an army unit killed 69 terrorists in a precise operation on two terrorist’s gatherings in Bab al-Hadid neighborhood in the city.

The source added that 9 terrorists were killed, 13 others were injured in Kadi Askar neighborhood and 6 vehicles of the terrorist organizations were destroyed, while other 17 terrorists were killed in Sheikh Khedur neighborhood during a special military operation targeted their gatherings, while another army unit destroyed a number of terrorists’ vehicles and killed many of terrorists in Ouenan in Aleppo.

Other units carried out direct blows against terrorists’ gatherings in the old city of Aleppo and Bani Zaid neighborhood.

Terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, including Islam Army, the Islamic Front, Ahrar al-Sham, al-Ansar Front, target safe residential neighborhoods of Aleppo and perpetrate heinous crimes against civilians.


The army destroyed dens and vehicles of terrorists, killed many of them in al-Ghantu and Jazal in Homs countryside.


The army destroyed dens of terrorists and killed many of them in Binish, Maarat al-Numan, Koren, Khan Sheikhoun, Kfar Jales in Idleb countryside.

The army also eliminated a number of terrorists, among them leaders in Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization.

Units of the army and armed forces targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Idleb city, destroying dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and other terrorist organizations in a number of villages and towns in the countryside of Idleb northern province.

A military source told SANA that units of the army and armed forces carried out a series of special and precise operations against gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Idleb city, killing
scores of them and injuring others, in addition to destroying their arms and ammunition.

The terrorist organizations admitted on their social media pages that they suffered heavy losses as scores of their members were killed in Idleb city among them terrorists Hassan Kurdi, Salmi Kurdi, Khalid Haj Lattouf and Bishir Abbadi.

In Sarmin town, 7 km to the northeast of Idleb qcity, an army unit destroyed terrorists’ vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns, killing a number of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-
called Islamic Front and Ahrar al-Sham Islamic movement, according to the source.

The source affirmed that heavy losses were inflicted upon terrorist organizations during an operation carried out by the army against their dens in the village of Qumainas to the southeast of Idleb.

The source indicated that the army also targeted dens and gatherings of the Takfiri terrorist organizations in Kafrouma village and in Ma’aret al-Nu’aman city, killing or injuring scores of terrorists.

To the southeast of al-Arba’ain mountain, a unit of the army and the armed forces continued to launch concentrated operations against the terrorist organizations, killing scores of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and destroying their arms and ammunition in Kafarlata village.

Meanwhile, units of the army carried out direct blows against terrorists’ gatherings in Kourin Village to the southwest of Idleb city, destroying a number of their vehicles and dens with all the arms and ammunition inside them.

The terrorist organizations admitted on their pages on the social networking websites that they suffered heavy losses in their ammunition and members as 20 of their members were killed in
Kourin village.

Damascus Countryside

The army carried out several operations against dens of the so-called Jabhat al-Nusra and “Islam army” terrorist organizations in Damascus countryside.

SANA field reporter said the army killed two Saudi terrorists Nayef al-Mteri and Abdullah al-Mukhtari, Jordanain terrorist Abdullah Harb, Yemeni terrorist Yakzan al- Zafar, Wahid Nader and Nidal Sabouni in the eastern farms of Zibdeen in al-Ghouta, destroying three vehicles equipped with rocket-launching pads.

In Zamalka, a number of terrorists were killed during a special army operation.

Kuawiti terrorist Faraj bin Ghadban, Jihad Elwan, Said Jabour, Wadah al-Mufti and Wajih  Nayef were identified among the dead terrorists.

The army also inflected heavy losses upon terrorists in Douma region as clashes in Alyia farms led to the killing of terrorists Abdullah Zahra abd Salah Abdul-Razak.

Terrorist Samir Ajena, leader of a terrorist group, was confirmed dead in Joubar too.

earlier, an army unit carried out an operation against dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Ein al-Bustan village to the north of Saasa town, Damascus Countryside, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.

Another unit injured a number of terrorists at the southern part of Marwan hill near Magr al-Meer village, a military source told SANA.


The army destroyed dens of terrorists, killed many of them in al-Ajraf village in Quneitra northern countryside.

The army also killed several terrorists and injured many others to the south of Um al-Izzam village to the east of Quneitra.

Earlier, units of the army and armed forces killed and injured scores of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Bir Ajam in the countryside of Quneitra southern province.


After monitoring and following up movements of members of terrorist organizations, a unit of army destroyed an armed vehicle with all terrorists on board and killed a number of their members on al-Sadd road in Daraa al-Balad where positions of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations are located and commit crimes and massacres, a military source told SANA.

The source added that a number of terrorists from Jabhat al- Nusra were killed and others were injured while a vehicle with all its arms and ammunition was destroyed in an operation by the army and armed forces against their gatherings in al-Mlaiha al-Gharbia village northeast Daraa.


The army eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their dens to the north of Morek, Tal al-Zaatar, Atshan, Um Harteen, Kfar Zeita, Masaada and Hamadi Omar in Hama countryside.

Tens of terrorists were killed and many others were injured during army operations against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Jabhet al-Nusra, and others terrorist organizations in Hama countryside.

Army units carried out intensive operations against Jabhet al-Nusra and “Cham Legion” terrorists in Kafr Zita, al-Latamina, Attshan, and Skik in the northern countryside of Hama, which resulted in the death of many terrorists, the injuring of many others, and the destruction of vehicles equipped with machine guns and loaded with weapons and ammunition.

Others army units destroyed ISIS gatherings and vehicles, killing a number of their members and injuring others in al-Tanahij, al-Twabia, Qtisha and al-Ma’damia in the eastern countryside of Hama.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages that they suffered heavy losses. Hayil Zeid al-Jaro and Mohamed Mahmoud al-Khadir were named among the dead.

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