ISIS terrorists blow up the Church of the Virgin Mary in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA – Terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ( ISIS) blew up the Church of the Virgin Mary in Tal Nasri village in the western countryside of Hasaka province, northeastern Syria.

The exploding of the church came as Christian denominations celebrate Eastern all over the country.

Local sources told SANA that ISIS terrorists had planted explosives in the Church before they detonated it.

The Church of the Virgin Mary was built in 1934 and is considered one of three main churches in Tal Nasri village, which is to located to the south of Tal Tamr town that was earlier overrun by ISIS.

This is not ISIS’s first attack on a religious site, as the terrorist organization’s fighters have intentionally destroyed many Muslim and Christian worship places and other religious sites and shrines in areas they took over.

Qabas/ H. Said

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