Culture minister ….. Culture an obsession not an offhand action

Lattakia, SANA – Minister of Culture Issam Khalil affirmed that intellectual patterns presented by the

cultural centers must rely on integral renaissance project complying with the intellectual confrontation that
Syria has been facing through its four- year war.

During his meeting with Lattakia Governor, Ibrahim Khedr, heads of cultural centers and workers in
Culture Directorate Wednesday, Khalil pointed out that current phase requires serious work in
accordance with highest responsibility levels in order to defend the cultural and intellectual principles of
Syria, which historically came up with the first alphabet in the world.

”We want innovators… and culture should be an obsession not an offhand action”, Khalil said.

He stressed the Ministry’s support to all things that contribute to boosting the cultural status, highlighting
the need for directing the activities in the cultural centers so that they become productive in the targeted
communities in a way that gets them engaged with culture.

He called for activating cooperation between the Directorates of Education and Culture with the aim of
consolidating the children’s attachment with the cultural and artistic activities.
For his part, Lattakia Governor stressed the Governorate’s keenness on providing all the requirements of
the cultural work and the needs of the cultural centers in accordance to its potentials and work priorities.
Reem and Rasha / Barry

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