People’s Assembly approves new draft law on consular fees

Damascus, SANA- People’s Assembly on Monday approved a new draft law related to to the consular fees.

The Assembly held a regular session led by Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh.

According to the draft law comprising 24 articles, the authorities in Syria don’t accept any document prepared in a foreign country unless it bears the authentication of the Syrian mission on the seal of the foreign ministry of this state or the seal of the delegated authority of the state there.

The document is accepted also after being approved and signed by the person in charge at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry in Syria after being verified by the mission in the foreign state.

Each document organized in Syria to be later presented before the authorities in a foreign state must also bear all the required approvals before being sealed by the ministry.

The draft law grants exemptions from the whole fees in several cases, of which if it is proven that the person concerned is poor and holds the Syrian nationality, and this is estimated by the consul.

Foreign and Expatiates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed the importance of this draft law owing to the several legislations and legal articles related to the consular services.


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