More terrorists killed and injured by army operations across the country, their weaponry destroyed

Provinces, SANA – Units of the army and armed forces on Tuesday continued military operations against the armed terrorist organizations across the country, killing and wounding many of their members and destroying their dens, gathering, weapons and vehicles.


ِA military source told SANA that units of army and armed Forces eliminated many terrorists in al-Tleila region in Palmyra countryside and al-Quneitrat in Talbeisa area in Homs countryside.

Earlier, the army killed members of terrorist organizations in the villages of al-Dwiabeh, Um al-Rish, Rajem al- Kaser, Masa’dehand Talbiseh and surrounding al-Rastan Dam and destroyed a vehicle carrying terrorists in Um Sharshouh in the countryside of the central province of Homs, according to a military source .


A military source told SANA that Units of the Army and armed Forces killed many terrorists and injured others in Hila, Basamis, al-Nabi Ayoub, al-Marana and Jabal al-Akrad in Idleb countryside.

Earlier, the army continued its operations in Idleb countryside against terrorist organizations, destroying some of their vehicles and hideouts.

An Army unit inflicted terrorist organizations heavy losses in individuals and materiel in addition to destroying their den, four vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns and a vehicle with all terrorists on board at Taftanaz in the northeast of Idleb countryside, a military source told SANA.

Army operations against terrorist organizations’ gatherings and hideouts caused the destruction of many hideouts within terrorists among in Tauom village.

Other Army units carried out intensive operations against terrorists’ dens, killing many of terrorists in Tal Salmo, Um jrin and Abu al-Dohor in the eastern countryside of Idleb.

In Jisr al-Shughour, an Army unit eliminated many of terrorist organizations’ members and destroyed their equipment in al-Bara village.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured during Army accurate operations against their dens in Baza Farm in the countryside of Ariha town.

In the area surroundings Jabal al-Arbaeen, Army units targeted with heavy weapons dens belong to “Jabhit al-Nusra” terrorist organization, killing many of its members and injuring many others.


Army units continued operations in many areas in Daraa province , killing large numbers of terrorists, including groups’ leaders, and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

A military source told SANA that the army targeted a hideout where terrorists’ leaders were having a meeting in Ataman area in Daraa’s northern countryside, killing all terrorists and destroying weapons and ammunition stored in it.

The source added that the army eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group west of Ataman.

Earlier, the army also destroyed two terrorists’ hideouts in Daraa al-Balad and two vehicles equipped with medium machine guns.

An Army unit targeted with intensive strikes terrorist organizations’ dens in the town of Jassim in Daraa province, causing the destruction of a vehicle loaded with ammo and weaponry and leaving many of terrorists dead or injured.

Another army unit carried out a special operation against terrorist organizations’ dens and gatherings in Smlin town to the west of Daraa, resulting in the death and injuring of of many terrorists and the destruction of their weapons and ammo.

At the outskirts of Deir al-Adass town, an army unit destroyed a terrorist hideout southwest of Kafr Shams town, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured during a special operation by the army against one of their gatherings in Busra al-Cham city.

In Daraa al-Balad, an army unit destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in the area near Beir Um Daraj in addition to destroying two vehicles equipped with machineguns and two dens along with the terrorists inside them.

Another army unit killed a number of terrorist organizations’ leaders in a precise and controlled strike on one of their dens in the province’s northern countryside.


Army unites made new achievements in chasing terrorists who infiltrate through Sweida province desert towards Daraa countryside to support terrorist organizations which suffer heavy losses at the hands of the Syrian army.

Units of the army and armed forces assumed morning full control over Rasem Martaa al-Faras to south-eastern countryside of Sweida, after killing a number of terrorists and destroying their equipments, a military source tod SANA.

Army units continued chasing members of terrorist organizations and killed many of them in Tal Asfar area some 45 Km to the north-east of Sweida.

Deir Ezzor

Army and armed forces units on Tuesday killed members of “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” terrorist organization (ISIS) in al-Sheikh Yassin neighborhood and destroyed a tunnel in the Industrial area in the province of Deir-Ezzor.

A military source told SANA that an army unit destroyed a tunnel of ISIS terrorists, killed numbers of them and injured others in the industrial area.

Meanwhile, another army unit carried out a special operation against ISIS terrorists’ dens, killing many of them ad injuring others, in addition to destroying their weapons in al-Sheikh Yassin neighborhood in the city.


A military source told SANA that of army units destroyed two convoys of vehicles and killed the terrorists inside them in al-Maroniat and al-Tifahia villages in Lattakia countryside.

The terrorists Maher al-Dibss, Mahran Janodi, Rabea Shakir, Mahmoud Fadil and the Jordanian Abad al-Fatah Oda were identified among the dead.

Army operations resulted in the destruction of a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in Marj Shibly and Jab Qatto in addition to the death of many terrorists, including Omar Radwan and Omran Attia.

Other units thwarted a terrorist attack in the area surrounds the peak of al-Nabi Younis Mountain towards Roiset al-Sheikh Mohamed and Roiset al-Mathlaja and Katf Mrishod, killing tens of terrorists, injuring many others, and destroying their ammo and weapons.

Damascus Countryside

Army units ambushed terrorists in Housh al-Fara Farms and Mayd’a in eastern al-Ghouta in Damascus Countryside, killing a number of terrorists and destroying three vehicles equipped with medium machineguns.

SANA reporter said the army destroyed a plant used to manufacture explosive devices and shells in Kfar Batna and killed 3 terrorists in clashes in Erbin.

The army clashed with terrorists in Jobar, Daraya and Bala, and killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.


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