Minister Makhlouf: Russian support manifests the deep-rooted bilateral friendship

Damascus, SANA-Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf, highlighted the deep-rooted ties between Syria and the Russian Federation.

Minister Makhlouf met Wednesday Vladimir Gutenev, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, and the accompanying delegation from the Russian Federation.

Minister Makhlouf, during the meeting held in the Ministry’s building, thanked the Russian Federation and its people for the support provided to the Syrian people which expresses the depth of friendship and relations between the two countries.

Makhlouf hailed the bilateral cooperation in fighting terrorism and creating conditions for all those displaced to return to their homes and villages, as Russia pioneered initiatives to send humanitarian and relief aid.

In turn, Gutenev underlined that the cooperation will continue in all fields as well as the provision of humanitarian aid, notably after the devastating earthquake that struck several regions in Syria.

The Russian delegation provided engineering equipment and devices that help in firefighting, civil defense and rescue operations.

Kinda al-MAhmoud/ Mazen Eyon

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