Russian Veterans Organization provides equipment to Nazir Nabaa School in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- A delegation from the Russian Veterans Organization “Combat Brotherhood” has provided computers, printers, an interactive electronic whiteboard and educational books to Nazir Nabaa High School for Outstanding Students in Mezzeh, Damascus.

“This visit is the 7th visit to provide aid and equipment to Syrian schools in which the Russian language is taught, and the work program continues until the end of this year”, Deputy head of the Department of International and Foreign Relations in Moscow city government, Igor Dachach, clarified in a statement to SANA, indicating that there is a plan to visit the cities of Homs and Sweida.

Dachach added that work is underway within the framework of bilateral and joint relations between the two countries to establish a partnership relationship between this school and a similar school in Russia, so that experiences and opinions can be shared between students and teachers.

“We plan to set up a team of teachers to train Russian language teachers and provide expertise and everything we can to increase the qualification of workers in Damascus schools.” He added.

In turn, coordinator between the Syrian and Russian Ministries of Education, Svetlana Rodigina, stated that that equipment includes books, computers, an electronic board and a projector to facilitate the process of teaching the Russian language, noting that the process of providing study equipment is continuing.

For his part, Assistant Director for Secondary Education in Damascus, Asif Zaidoun, explained that the Russian friends previously provided al-Bassel High School for outstanding students in Damascus with educational equipment, in addition to twinning with one of the schools of the Russian Federation and today this experience has been circulated and moved to a second school, which is Nazir Nabaa School for Outstanding Students, to expand the teaching of the Russian language.

Zaidoun thanked the Russian side for the support it provided to the educational process and activating the teaching of the Russian language, hoping to launch an interactive education and twinning with one of the schools of the Russian Federation, and exchange visits of students between the two schools.ُ

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