Syria condemns in strongest terms launching drone attack on Moscow by Ukrainian regime

Damascus, SANA- Syria has condemned in the strongest terms the drone attack launched by the Ukrainian regime on Moscow, affirming its confidence in the ability of the friends in Russia to curb such criminal attacks and defend the sanctity and integrity of Russian lands.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the drone attack launched by the Ukrainian regime against Moscow, which constitutes a major escalation in the Atlantic aggression against the Russian Federation, and represents a serious threat to international security and stability,” a source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement to SANA.

The source added, “Syria expresses its absolute solidarity with the friends in the Russian Federation, and is confident in their ability to curb such blatant criminal attacks by the Kiev regime, and to take all measures to defend the sanctity of Russia’s lands and the safety of its citizens.”

On Tuesday morning, the Russian capital was attacked by drones, and the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that Kiev tried to attack Moscow with 8 drones, and the Russian air defenses managed to destroy them all.

Bushra Dabin / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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