Sabbagh: US and western allies escalate hostile statements to intervene in Syria’s domestic affairs

New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, said that the US and its western allies are escalating their hostile statements and provocative measures in order to intervene in Syria’s domestic affairs and obstruct efforts aimed to achieve security and stability in the country.

“The US forces, present illegally on Syrian territory, continue violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, support separatist militias and loot Syrian resources,” Sabbagh said at UN Security council session on the humanitarian and political affairs in Syria

He added that the Israeli occupation inflame situation in the region through mounting its attacks on the Syrian lands and perpetrating crimes and gross violations of international law and conventions.

“Syria calls on Security Council to not remain silent, assume responsibility and put an end to the Israeli hostile practices and bring perpetrators into justice,” Ambassador Sabbagh said.

He added that the aspired-for political solution requires eliminating terrorism, stop intervention in Syrian domestic affairs and rejecting the destructive initiatives of some states.

Mazen Eyon

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