Aid delivery mechanism across the border into Syria has exhausted its capabilities, Nebenzia says

New York, SANA- Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, affirmed that the mechanism of aid delivery to Syria across the borders has exhausted its capabilities and is being used for other purposes not related to the humanitarian situation.

“The situation appears as if the licenses given by the Syrian government to use two additional crossing points within three months have reduced to zero the desire of the UN to lift restrictions on the transfer of aid across the line of contact”, RT channel quoted Nebenzia as saying during a session of the Security Council on the political and humanitarian affairs in Syria.

Nebenzia added, “We would like to stress that if our Western colleagues in the UN Security Council continue to act as if nothing has happened and ignore the thwarting of the implementation of the Security Council resolution by international terrorists, we will draw the required conclusions from the current situation while formulating our position on the extension of the mechanism for transferring aid cross the border which is planned for next July.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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