President al-Assad chairs emergency meeting of the Cabinet to discuss damage of the earthquake, hit the country, necessary procedures

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Monday chaired an emergency meeting of the Cabinet to discuss the damage of the earthquake, which hit the country, and necessary procedures.

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Monday chaired an emergency meeting of the Cabinet to discuss the repercussions of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake, which hit the country at dawn, causing hundreds of victims and a large number of injuries and the collapse and cracking of dozens of residential buildings.

The current primary situation has been assessed following the strong earthquake, the most damaged provinces and sites have been identified which have largely concentrated in Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia provinces.

Based on reality, an emergency nationwide action plan has been set, and led by a 24-hour central operations room, in addition to field teams on the ground.

A set of urgent steps has been instructed, including:

-All concerned ministries, institutions and authorities to be put on the alert.

-All teams and capabilities of civil defense, firefighting, health, public construction companies and their branches in the provinces, all service institutions and public services departments to be put in alert in order to carry out life-saving and rubble removal operations.

-All governors have been directed to mobilize all potentials of the public and private sectors and mobilizing all vehicles to carry out rescue operations and contribute to removing the rubble.

-Providing urgent health care for all the injured in various provinces, and mobilizing all medical cadres in the Ministries of Health, Defense and Higher Education.

-It was also directed to urgently secure shelters and food for those affected, and secure oil derivatives to supply the emergency technical operations in the affected provinces.

Instructing the Internal Trade Ministry to provide the necessary foodstuffs for the shelters and affected people, and mobilize its cadres to perform this task accurately and quickly.

-Instructing the technical safety teams to assess the condition of the cracked buildings, set a description of their technical condition, and evacuate them from the residents in case of danger.

-The Water resources was tasked with quick detection of dams, reservoirs and water stations, and ensuring their safety and the continuity of water access to citizens.

President al-Assad instructed the concerned ministers to head to the provinces to directly supervise the operation rooms and mobilize all available capabilities in the provinces to deal with this ordeal.

In parallel, the Central Operations Room in Damascus follows all developments and takes the necessary measures to support the operations rooms in the provinces.

The Central Operations Rooms in Damascus is headed by the Prime Minister, and membership of Minister of Local Administration, the Secretary General of Cabinet, and the relevant ministers.

Rafah/ Shaza/ Hala

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