Symposium in Italian Foligno city in support of Syria against terrorism

Rome, SANA – A group of Syrian expatriates and students and members of the European Solidarity Front for Syria in Italy organized a symposium under the title “Together against Terrorism”.

Saverio di Giulio of the Front hailed the steadfastness of the people, army and leadership of Syria in confronting the terrorist organizations.

Giulio reviewed in the course of the symposium, which took place in the Italian city of Foligno, the facts he bore witness to in Syria during an October visit among an Italian delegation and his vision of the situation there after four years of the war.

He made a particular reference to the high spirits of the Syrian people and their unity with their army and leadership, and indicated the Syrians’ confidence in an inevitable victory.

Other attendees who delivered speeches explained to the participants, who included Italian students, that the terrorist organizations in Syria distort the image of real Islam and are seeking to destroy the Syrian cultural heritage in implementation of U.S.-Zionist agendas.

Haifa Said

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