Mikdad: Key role of diplomacy is on economic domain

Damascus, SANA- -Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, affirmed Tuesday that the fundamental role of diplomacy concentrates on the economic field nowadays. “Every potential effort shall be exerted, particularly in countering coercive unilateral measures imposed by the US and Western countries on the Syrian people contrary to west claims of humanity towards other nations”.

Speaking to journalists following a cabinet session, Mikdad underlined that Syrian Embassies are on high alert and are instructed to interact with all economic events in countries where they are located.

“Syria asserts cooperation among Syrian embassies, the Foreign Ministry, private and public sectors, Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce and parliamentary diplomacy playing a vital role in communication with representatives of other peoples,” Mikdad added.

Mikdad called on all these embassies to interact with economic events, mainly with the expatriates to offer the best service possible to Syrian citizens in light of Israeli policies designed to starve Syrians and undermine Syria’s role in the region and the world.

Kinda ALMahmoud / Baraa Ali

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