UN Special Rapporteur: unilateral measures imposed on the Syrian people hamper any efforts of early recovery and reconstruction process in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Alena Douhan, UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the human rights stressed that the “unilateral measures imposed on the Syrian people severely affect human rights, hamper any efforts of early recovery, and blocks reconstruction process in Syria.

Dohan said during a press conference in Damascus “the unilateral measures have greatly and badly affected the Syrian pharmaceutical sector, caused a severe shortage, especially with regard to chronic diseases and medical equipment, and also affected the availability of equipment and spare parts needed for the rehabilitation and development of drinking water and irrigation networks, which may cause serious challenges to public health and food security”.

“Talking about good will and intentions of the unilateral coercive measures does not justify violation of basic human rights, and the international community must stand together in solidarity and to provide aid to the Syrian people” Douhan added.

Dohan called for “the immediate lifting of these measures” as they “amount to war crimes committed against the Syrian people”.

Answering SANA question on the UN expected measures after Douhan submits its report and the deadline of presenting it, she clarified that her presence in Syria as a Special Rapporteur is to prepare a report about the impacts of the unilateral measures as she has met more than 80 figures during her visit to the country in order to understand the repercussions of the blockade on all aspects of life in Syria.

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