People’s Assembly: October Liberation War is an example to be followed in restoring rights and defending homelands

Damascus, SANA- “Today we celebrate the 49th anniversary of the glorious October Liberation War, which he was planned and led with all boldness and courage by the late founding leader Hafez al-Assad, on October 6, 1973, which constituted a major hinge in the modern history of Syria, and brought about a qualitative leap in the facts and variables of the Arab-Zionist conflict, and contributed significantly to raising morale by restoring confidence and absolute belief in victory and the liberation of our usurped lands and breaking the will of fear and illusions” the People’s Assembly said in a statement today.

“Today, we recall the events of October glory, after more than ten years of the hardest war waged by our people and our valiant armed forces in the face of the forces of evil and terrorism and their financiers and operators, led by the United States of America and the global Zionism represented by the usurping entity on the land of Palestine” the Council added.

“With every drop of the blood of a martyr that bled on the soil of our dear homeland, the spirit of October is renewed in us, which is a dedication to the school of the founding leader in resistance and struggle, which continued with all strength, determination and power under the leadership of our leader, President Bashar al-Assad, thus enhancing our belief and absolute certainty that victory will be our ally in the liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan, until The last inch of our usurped lands, sooner or later” the council concluded.

CTU: The Syria Arab Army drew new deterrent equations in the region and the world

The General Federation of Trade Unions said that “in October liberation war, led by the late founding leader Hafez al-Assad, the Syrian Arab Army could write the most wonderful epics of heroism and redemption, could defeat the Zionist enemy’s army, destroyed its legend, and imposed with the will of victory new deterrence equations in the region and the world”.

In a statement to commemorate the 49th anniversary of October victory, the Union recalled the steadfastness of Syrian workers who were partners in this battle, as they defended their factories, and continued to produce the elements of steadfastness”, stressing that “our workers are more determined today to continue sincere work, and exert efforts in all fields to thwart the siege and starvation schemes, and to achieve more developmental achievements, and rebuild modern Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad”.

 PLO: October liberation epic is a turning point in the history of the Arab-Zionist conflict

The Chief of Staff of the Palestine Liberation Army said “We are committed to the honorable resistance axis that unites us with the brave Syrian Arab Army led by President Bashar al-Assad until the liberation and return and the building of an independent Palestinian state over all of our liberated soil and with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Manar Salameh/Amer Dawa

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