Ambassador Aala: Human Rights’ council reports are still governed by double- standards policy

Geneva, SANA-Syria’s permanent representive to the UN in Geneva, Hussam Edin AALA, said that reports and resolutions of Human Rights council that target some states are still governed by double standards policy and western intervention agendas in a way that contradicts UN principles and purposes, standards of objectivity and non-selectivity.

“Syria recalls its rejection of the inconsistent decision that established the inquiry committee concerned in the situation in the country and the following irrelevant decisions to extend its authority, as Syria also rejects this committee’s reports that target Syria for political purposes,” Aala said in a statement at the 51st session of Human Rights council, the 4th item on the situation in Syria.

He added that the reports’ adoption of fabricated stories, circulated by social media, edited by countries hostile to Syria, and presented them as facts, represent one of the most prominent examples about the lack of professionalism and credibility of the work methods of the Committee.

Aala said that despite the terror challenges, aggression and US, Israeli and Turkish occupation of parts of Syrian territories, and acts of plundering the Syrian resources and the unilateral measures that harm the livelihood of the Syrian people, Syria continues its cooperation with UN agencies and friendly countries to boost the humanitarian response to its citizens, fulfill activities of early recovery and rehabilitate infrastructure.

Mazen Eyon

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